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2011-08-05 11:03 pm

Are you serious???

I can't get on LJ again! anyone else having this problem?

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2011-07-25 01:21 pm


Is anyone else having trouble signing on to LJ today?
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2011-04-12 03:55 pm


I am seeing my posts on the reading page now! Thanks everyone for your help!

I'm starting a new community. (actually two) I need someone to 'dress' them up. Graphic ppl. If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

The two communities are 'allthingsqaf' a community for stories, chat, anything qaf related!
and 'queerasfic' a site for ppl to recommend qaf fanfic, and search for qaf fanfic.

Email me if you can help with the graphics!

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2011-04-12 12:40 pm


How come I don't see my own posts on my reading page? I know others see them, because some have responded.
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2011-04-11 09:35 pm

LJ down

Can't get on LJ. Anyone else having this problem?
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2011-04-10 05:12 pm


Just got this account. Want to introduce myself and say Hello!